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Midwest Engineered Systems Inc., (MWES) an innovator and leader in complex production systems integration, has been providing custom automation solutions for: assembly lines, palletizing/depalletizing, material handling, machine tending, deburring, robotic welding, fully automated production lines, and web handling for over 27 years.

Not only does MWES provide the new equipment, but also new product manufacturing process development, training, support, service, maintenance, and automation system retrofits for all of a factory’s automated manufacturing equipment.


Our philosophy is to design integrated systems that meet the customer’s current needs while accommodating for future capabilities and growth. Our extensive industry experience, broad range of product knowledge, and customer-focused approach make Midwest Engineered Systems a leading automation integration supplier with a solid reputation for quality, service, and value

MWES Facts
  • Established in 1991

  • 150 + team members

  • Staff the most RIA certified robot experts in the country

  • Annual sales exceeding $30 Million

  • RIA Certified Integrator

  • Over 4,000 machines installed world-wide


W238N1800 Rockwood Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188

Midwest Engineered Systems is a certified systems integrator for these automation and industrial robotics product lines and more!


Midwest Engineered Systems

W238N1800 Rockwood Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188
Call: 414-327-0000

24/7 Service & Support:


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