Material Handling

Rely on Us to Get Things Where They Need to Go Safely and Efficiently.

Midwest Engineered Systems integrates value-based material handling systems from simple pick and place robotic solutions to fully automated turnkey production lines. As a multi-vendor automation system integrator, we offer a variety of material conveyance solutions for product transportation.


MWES can be relied upon to provide professional material handling system installation in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

MWES has significant experience designing and integrating a variety of material handling technologies including: 

  • 千亿体育网站Custom conveyor design

  • 千亿体育网站Custom manipulator and lift assists

  • 千亿体育网站Integrated sortation systems

  • 千亿体育网站Unique material handling solutions

  • Conveyor integration

  • Conveyor control systems

  • Conveyor system retrofits


Midwest Engineered Systems

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Waukesha, WI 53188
Call: 414-327-0000

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MWES Material Handling

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